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Winch Railcar Puller Layouts


By attaching rope to rear pulling loop on car, front of car can be brought somewhat beyond position of single sheave block. This is an example of using the car’s own length as an extension of the rope length.

One way rail car puller - winch



This layout permits pulling of car in either direction. Single sheave block no. 1 maintains proper fleet angle of wire rope as it travels to carpuller drum. Single sheave block no. 2 permits “reverse” pulling. Note that required rope length is as least twice the distance between the two sheave blocks.

1 or 2 way railcar puller - winch system



One CAR PULLER can serve either track. The double sheave block maintains correct rope fleet angle regardless of which track rope is working on. Two-way movement can be effected here for each track by simply adding a single sheave block on the inside of each of the tracks at the original starting point and ordering a sufficiently long length of cable.

Double Track Railcar Puller - Winch Carpuller



This layout is particularly good when more than one freight car has to be brought up to a loading point, then moved forward to make room for the next car to be brought up. The centrally-located double sheave block automatically maintains correct fleet angle of wire rope and also permits drum to face at right angles to car travel. Single sheave blocks are placed at each end of the run; they permit cars to be moved the length of the track in both directions.

2-way Rail Car Puller - Winch Carpuller System



One or more Vertical Guide Idlers permit pulling cars around curves and past obstacles along the track. Rope travel must always be as nearly parallel to the track as possible, in order to get the full benefit of the Car Puller's pulling capacity. An extreme angle between rope and track can prevent the car from starting to move, stall the Car Puller motor, and possibly cause a derailment.

1-Way Rail Car Puller for Curved Track



Sheave Block with Winch CarpullerAll WINCH CAR PULLER installations require a Single or Double Sheave Block placed at some distance in front of the drum of the CAR PULLER.  These Sheave Blocks guide cable onto the drum in such a way that the "fleet angle" does not exceed 1-1/2°. 

See Figure 1.

If the "fleet angle" is not maintained below 1-1/2°, the rope will not spool onto the drum properly, will overlap and crush itself, or attempt to climb up over the edge of the drum flanges.  Sheave Blocks also deflect the side force that is present when the rail car IS being pulled.  Sheave Blocks must be properly oriented to the center of the CAR PULLER drum. See our Service Manual for additional details on installing Sheave Blocks. See also Section VI - Car Pulling Accessories in this "Primer" for more details on Sheave Blocks.  Always maintain adequate tension on the rope to promote neater coiling. “A” is Calculated by a Schoellhorn-Albrecht sales representative based on your needs.



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